In a world where anyone can place a display ad, consumers are turning to the people they know and trust for buying advice.

We all know at least one influencer in our life: they’re the person who loves to share their passion on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, their blog, and to just about any medium.

Influencer marketing connects you to these people so that they can rave about your products to their hundreds of thousands of followers. So what are you waiting for? To find the right influencers, of course! It isn’t easy these days with scam artists and pretenders abound and only an agency with Cruz Bay Marketing’s credentials can match you up with legitimate influencers who identify with your brand that can truly lift your sales!


  • Includes: 15 engagements per month
  • Landing page to signup influencers and disseminate information
  • Identification of video (YouTube) and blog reviewers
  • Influencer vetting based on reach and relevancy
  • Influencer segmentation and outreach prioritization
  • Outreach and engagement
  • Influencer support
  • Posting follow-up
  • Earned media metrics tracking and reporting

"Partnering with Cruz Bay Marketing has made a tremendous difference with our programs. It’s provided an additional scale we would not have been able to achieve internally, and across the board we are seeing revenue growth in double digits and a strong focus on the deployment of new programs. We’re extremely pleased with the Cruz Bay Marketing team and the results they are generating."

Only Natural Pet Store

"The members of Cruz Bay Marketing's team are a perfect extension to our marketing team. They made it easy to quickly grow and maintain Neat's business. Their attention to detail and experience in the field has made them a real asset."

—The Neat Company

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