How to get your website ranked top

Ranking for strategic keywords is no longer all about link building. In this volatile, competitive and challenging marketing eco system, you need to draft your SEO campaign around three core deciders – content marketing, holistic and practical link building and value addition to your SEO campaign with continuous improvements.
Content marketing – You need to have a variety of updated systems in place to practically reach out to your audiences, you should work around what matters most; after evaluating where your competitors are posting their useful content. Develop organic systems in place to post great content that goo viral. When you develop a loyal base of audience, it is very likely that you can reach out to your target audience easily.
Holistic and practical link building – Stop linking with just anyone. Instead; focus on which type of link building is crucially vital for you. Rather than linking with just anyone, make a routine to only link with those that can offer you greater results.
SEO with improvements – Do your SEO but ensure that you keep a note about what needs to be changed and what needs to be stopped. Regular monitoring of your results earns you organic ways to simplistically rank good.
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