For years, the Cruz Bay Marketing team has been generating incredible results for our clients. These results are being achieved through time-tested marketing practices along with a creative edge that keeps our agency on the forefront of new internet marketing trends. In providing this elevated level of service, we have created a set of marketing case studies. These case studies provide a glimpse into the results that our clients are experiencing. Take a look and then contact us to see how we can help you generate results with our online marketing management strategies.

The Client: Company in the accessories vertical

The Problem: The client had an established offline sales model but couldn't figure out how to generate online sales.

The Strategy: After multiple discovery meetings with the client, it was determined that a monthly subscription model would generate a significant volume of online sales for the company. Cruz Bay Marketing developed a high-converting landing page and click funnel and launched the company's affiliate program in the top performing networks.

The Results: With an aggressive affiliate recruiting effort by Cruz Bay Marketing, the client began to see online sales near their offline sales volume. After 6 months, the landing page was converting as 8% and online sales eclipsed offline sales for the company.


The Client: Company in the health and beauty vertical

The Engagement: Cruz Bay Marketing's services were acquired by the client to expand the company's marketing efforts to the affiliate channel.

The Strategy: After the program was launched, an aggressive recruiting strategy was implemented to generate a large number of affiliate sign ups. Affiliates were then segmented based on their type of marketing methods. Each affiliate segment received customized weekly correspondence from the Cruz Bay Marketing team helping them in their marketing efforts. This regular communication led to a highly engaged and motivated base of affiliate parnters.

The Results: The affiliate program strategy resulted in the program reaching $65,000 in monthly sales by the 4th month and continued month-over-month increases.

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